Artist Ian Donn was born in Scotland and moved to Canada in 1991.

As a young boy he started drawing portraits of the people around him. He still has the collection of masterpieces - a few of them can be found under “Portraits”.

It was only after a career disappointment in Canada and a long struggle with depression that he found a message of hope and translated it into his first significant work called “The Intercessor.“ Donn’s canvas became the vehicle he used to share that message of healing and hope.

His original painting “Shame to Glory” was the first of a complete six part series called "The Healing Bride”: the paintings from "Hidden" to "Covered" detail the steps in the artists' journey toward transformation and personal wholeness.

His imagery uses a vibrant palette and is rich in Celtic patterns, reflecting Donn’s Scottish heritage. Many of the images are from "Dunnottar Castle", which is close to where Donn was born. The symbolism of the cross is important to Donn. In the first 4 parts (called 4 in 1) of the series Donn subtly uses the Celtic knots to create the image of the cross.

The artist’s inspiration comes from the Pre-Raphaelite movement, which had a very significant message in the realistic, almost photographic works they produced.

The purpose of his artwork is to convey a message of hope, to help the viewer identify where they are at and to encourage them in their own journey towards personal wholeness.

All paintings are the works of the artist, Ian Donn, Unauthorized. Reproductions prohibited, Images used with permission.
All rights reserved Copyright (C)2003 Ian Donn